FinoVortex offers a flexible and easy way to gain exposure to some of the world’s most popular commodities including energies and metals all from within your MetaTrader 4. Commodity markets are attractive to speculators as they are susceptible to dramatic changes in supply and demand.

What is Commodity Trading

Commodity trading involves speculating on the price of a raw physical asset, such as gold or oil. Many factors, including supply and demand, will impact the market price as traders buy or sell a commodity CFD making a profit or a loss. When you trade commodities, you don’t take ownership of the underlying physical asset (for example, a bar of gold). Instead, you trade a “futures contract”, also known as Contracts for Difference (CFDs) that gets derived from the real-time price movements of the underlying asset. So if the purchase price of gold goes up, the traded price does too.

Trading Commodities with FinoVortex

Whether you’re a new or experienced trader, our easy-friendly platforms are designed to deliver the best results.

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How Does Commodity Trading Work?

When you open an account with us, you’ll get access to a straightforward trading platform where you can look to profit by trading with leverage on financial markets.

There are many factors that influence the price of a commodity in the market, including supply and demand trends, inflation and cost of production. It’s important to stay up to date with economic news and market trends so that you have a greater understanding of how prices are affected.

There are many advantages of trading commodities and unique aspects that this market has over other markets.


Low margin

Portfolio diversification

Protection against inflation


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